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Panama 2023: Connecting The World

Friday, December 02, 2022

WRO Panama Connecting The World!

World Robot Olympiad Association is pleased to announce, that Panama has been chosen as host of the International Final 2023.

The announcement was made after a video conference, where the First Lady of Panama, Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, the Minister of Education Maruja Gorday de Villalobos and National Organizer, President of FUNDESTEAM Marvin Castillo, made the final presentation for the candidacy in front of the Board of Directors of the WRO Association.

To National Organizer Marvin Castillo becoming host country is a historic milestone for Panama.

“Now students, teachers, parents and citizens in general will know the importance of STEAM Education. How WRO’s approach helps developing countries improve the quality of their education, how it provides students with 21st century skills, and contribute to their employability – leading to a more equitable and sustainable economic growth.”

FUNDESTEAM has held national WRO finals since 2015, and so far 5,000 students from 100 public and private schools across the country have competed.

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Derrick Kreimann

CEO Of USEL Youth Robotics